Hey, Me again. . . Several newsworthy items came in today, including a few local action items. So please bear with me as I keep sending newsletters that I think are important and might not be available from the bigger sources (because they’re in our backyard).
Dear Beautiful Children’s Health Defense-CA Friends, Thank you so much for your continuing in this effort with us as we take down medical tyranny in…
In this Issue…(yes, we are Marin Freedom Rising) Fed Appeals Court Again Blocks Biden’s COVID Vax Mandate for Federal Workers The Censored Conference…
Find the GRIN in this issue. . . .
Can this be considered a GRIN? Great News, Huge Win Grin?
If you haven't experienced Playback Theater, or if you have, here's another opportunity to engage with this fun and heartfelt form of theater, with some…
again with the PETS because it's that important
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